Past Success

Like I said before I have been in the “diet game” for a long time as an on-again/off-again player. The accumulation of years of failure and negative thinking floods over my mind when I once again get ready to start up a new plan. But right now I want to focus on the times I did have success with weight loss.

I have tried many things: The 6 Week Body Makeover, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Curves Diet, Slim Fast Shakes and who knows what else. If I had only lost 5 pounds for each diet book I bought and read I would already be at my goal weight. Ha! It doesn’t quite work like that though.

While I did see some results with most plans my greatest success has been with the Curves for Women diet plan. 

Curves Book

The first time I really committed to following the plan was in May 2009. By the end of week 5 I had lost 21 pounds and several inches. I almost can’t believe it myself as I am writing this. That was amazing! Way to go!!! In July 2009 I was down a total of 26 pounds and 15 1/2 inches. WOW!!

Here is what I was doing at that time: Following the Curves High Protein Diet, keeping a food journal, working out at Curves at least 3 times a week, walking to work when the weather was nice (It added up to about 2 miles a day, since I walked home for lunch). I was taking my vitamins and drinking lots of water.

I can do this! I have done it before! I am NOT a failure!!

Failure is falling down and staying down. I am not going to stay down. I am getting back up!!!

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