My Addiction

Yes, I have an addiction. There, I have taken the first step to recovery, admitting I have a problem. 🙂

My drug is easy to get. Our little town is filled with “dealers”. No, my town is not any different from yours. Look around and you will see that your town if filled with them too. My drug is available almost everywhere, even at Church. I would be willing to bet that every house in town has a supply of my drug. My drug is showered on kids for every holiday and special occasion. My drug is cheap to buy. Have you figured it out yet? My drug of choice is sugar and it is everywhere.

I have often compared the way I feel towards sweets to what a drug addict must feel like when they are craving more drugs. Have you been there, like I have? I will get such an intense craving for sweets that I will not be able to stop myself from indulging. I will be telling myself how it is a bad decision and I will regret it later but that doesn’t keep my hand from unwrapping another treat and putting it up to my lips. Most times I don’t even enjoy the taste. I rarely savor a piece of candy and enjoy it. I am too concerned with how fast I can stuff then next one in my face until I get to feeling stuffed or sick and then the guilt kicks in. Yes, I have even been so mad at myself for over-eating sweets that I have cried about it. It is a vicious cycle, remember, I am an emotional eater.

Sugar – the drug that is acceptable to give to children and widely available at any store. Most holidays are celebrated with some form of sugar at the center – Birthday cake, Halloween candy, Valentines candy, Christmas candy, Thanksgiving pies, Fat Tuesday, 4th of July ice cream and the list goes on…..

It hides in my drinks, my food, and even foods that appear to be healthy can be filled with sugar. Why oh why does it have to be so cheap and easy to obtain?

Part of my journey to fitness will include fighting this addiction. Follow along and see how I do. If you are like me and have struggled with this addiction I would appreciate a word of encouragement. 🙂

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