Fit into a size 14 or size 16.

Have my waist measure at or under 35 inches.

BMI to be in the normal range.

Have all results from blood work in the normal range.

Get into health habits:
* take vitamins daily
* drink at least 64 oz of water a day
* So some strength training 3x a week

Train for and Jog a 5K (a little over 3 miles)


To be able to shop in regular stores and not plus size stores
To be able to buy cute clothes
To be able to go to the beach or pool without worrying about what I look like
To be more attractive to my husband and make him proud of me
To be a good example to the young ladies in the family by being healthy and not being obsessed about my weight or looks
To be ok when somebody tries to take my picture instead of feeling like I need to hide in the back of the crowd or put something in front of me to try to hide my weight


sundress 2To keep motivated my sister and I have decided we are going to reward ourselves with a special day trip. We are going to go shopping! We live in rural, small town, America. We black halter sundress have to drive a few hours to get to the closest mall, so it will be a special day for sure. I suggested we plan on picking out new swimsuits since we are going to look sooooo fabulous! And we will want to cool off in the city pool.

I have also been dreaming of owning some pretty sundresses. sundress 1If they looked like the ones pictured here I would have to get a little jacket to wear over them. I hate to show my arms, and it can get chilly when the air conditioning is on.

We are also talking about getting a mini makeover and having a photo shoot. Oh that will be so much fun!

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