Never to Old To Try Something New

I did something new this morning. I started lifting weights. My sister started doing a program and it sounded interesting so I thought why not? 🙂 The program is called Strong Lifts 5×5. It is easy to find the information on line if you want to know more about it.

Today we started with squats using an empty bar. The bar itself weighs 45 pounds. That doesn’t sound like much but it feels like a lot more. I wasn’t able to do it with even the empty bar. Oh, I could get down, well maybe not far enough as I should, but it was the standing back up part that I failed at. So, I ended up doing box squats with no bar. I felt like a failure but I will get there once I build up some strength.

The next thing we did was the bench press. I was able to do those with the empty bar. Yay!! I did my 5 sets of 5 ok.

The last exercise was the barbell rows aka Pendlay Rows. It was a struggle to get my form right. The weight we started at was 65 which included the weight of the bar. My heart was pumping hard and I felt lightheaded when I stood up after finishing my set, but I did it. 5 sets of 5 DONE!

My muscles are a little sore which I expected. It is my lower back that concerns me. It goes out if I use bad form when bowling or even using a vacuum. Right now it feels a little sore but I did some stretches, sat on ice and took some ibuprofen. I am hoping that all of that works.

Our next session will be Monday morning before work. We will do the squats and then we will do the overhead press and the dead lift. I am looking forward to it if I can still walk by Monday. 🙂

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