The Saturday Morning Struggle – Give in…or….Overcome?

It is Saturday morning. 🙂 I don’t have to go to work so I stayed up a little too late last night. It has been a week since I started keeping my food journal. I had put my scale away because I didn’t want to focus so much on my weight. I want to make lasting changes in my life. But, I knew I wanted to weigh myself every now and then just to see. Well, I shouldn’t have bothered. I feel like I have been pretty good when it comes to my eating, with the exception of the steak nachos. I have turned down sweets and avoided sugary drinks. I haven’t eaten out. I have cut down on my carbs. I am trying.

When I weighed myself I was only down 1 pound. 😦 But I did measure myself and I lost an inch from my bust, upper abs, lower abs, waist and hips. The negative voice in my head is telling me that I must have been pulling the measuring tape a little tighter this time and that is why the inches are less. I am fighting that inner voice though. I didn’t let it drive me to eat out of control.

For a while I contemplated throwing in the towel and calling it quits for today. Why torture myself if I don’t see any results. I might as well enjoy a Frappe and some pizza, right? WRONG!!!

I know, and I will keep telling myself, that if I continue to watch what I eat and if I start to exercise more, I will see those results I want. I need to just “stay the course” and I will be happy in a few months when the craving for sugar is no longer a struggle and my clothes fit better.

I plan to be more vigilant in my eating. I plan to add more exercise to my schedule. I can’t expect to have the same results as when I was walking 2 miles a day and going to Curves 3x a week if I am not doing any exercise. Duh!!

I contacted my mom to see if she wanted to take a walk and we will be headed out soon. I know we should get about 3 miles in and when I am done I will feel so much better. I will have the ability to avoid the temptations that are always around me on the weekend.

I am proud of myself today. Instead of giving in I am going to overcome.

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