It is 3pm. Do you know where your snack is?

I can pretty much tell you when it is about 3pm on any given work day, without looking at a clock. It is usually around 3pm that I start to get hungry and I need a snack.

Today I brought what I thought was a Cutie with me for my afternoon snack. Cuties, are wonderful, little, mandarin oranges that are seedless and sooooo easy to peel, they almost peel themselves. I love the fact that they are smaller than a regular orange too.

I started to peel it and it quickly became clear that this was not a Cutie. It was a regular orange. It was hard to peel and then it didn’t taste very good, so I didnt’ even eat it. Now I was stuck without a snack. 😦

Not 5 minutes later a couple walked in to my office. It was the owner of a new business in town that does people’s taxes. She had with her a guy that was dressed up in a Statue of Liberty costume. I had seen someone in that costume standing on the street corner just last week. I told him that I hoped they paid him well.

They were drumming up business and handing out referral coupons for $50. Then as they were leaving they handed me gift. What was it? A bag of candy. I don’t know what kind of candy because I immediately put it on my bosses desk. Since I don’t want to eat it myself there is no reason to investigate that bag that was stuffed full and was bigger than my hand.

I did it. I avoided temptation. On any other “normal” day I would have been digging into that candy before those people had even made it to their car 🙂  but not today. Today, even though I don’t have my healthy snack I am not giving in and eating junk. It is time I make a new normal for myself.

Whoo Hoooooo! Way to go ME!!

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  1. T says:

    Thumbs up!!!!!!

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