Winter Cardio Workout

Friday we got a bunch of snow, and strong wind. When I got up Saturday morning there was a rather large snow drift across the sidewalk in front of my house. As much as I wished for someone to come by with their 4 wheeler and plow I decided to get out there myself. So, I bundled up with all my winter gear, put on my warm boots and headed out with my shovel.

It took me an hour to clear off the sidewalks. There were a few times that I had to pause and rest on my shovel handle to catch my breath, but I didn’t stop for long.  It felt pretty good to work up a sweat and accomplish something.

I think I will venture out this afternoon and shovel out the end of the driveway. Thanks to the plows clearing of the street I have a nice pile at the end of the drive. I can get through it with my SUV but the exercise will be nice. It will also be nice to be out in the sunshine, even if it is only 11 degrees.

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