Denim doesn’t lie!


Last  night as I was sorting through some clothes I found a pair of jeans I wore “back in the day”. I also found another pair that are too small for me right now that I wore more recently.  

I decided to see how they compared to jeans I wear today. I laid them out on the bed and took a picture. 

There you have it! The truth in denim.  

Jeans Through The YearsThe small jeans in front are from my college days. The middle pair is from several years back. The pair on the bottom is the size I wear right now. Looking at them  stacked up like that made me really sad. I wonder how I was ever thin enough to wear the  “skinny” jeans, and how on earth I let myself get so big.  

When you are over-weight you tell yourself different things to make you feel better about yourself. This might include statements like…I’m not that much bigger than I used to be…. I don’t look that bad….There are a lot of people heavier than me in the word. 

But let me tell you when I saw how small my old  clothes looked compared to what I fit today it was like a slap across the face. That might have been just the thing I needed to help me get back in the groove of making healthy choices.

I can’t wait until I fit those “skinny” jeans again!

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One Response to Denim doesn’t lie!

  1. T says:

    Looking forward to reading of your successes! One day at a time is all it takes!

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