Starting to break bad habits #1

I felt like I did pretty good yesterday as far as my goals were concerned. I had some problems, such as skipping lunch because I had errands to run and wasn’t prepared with something healthy to grab.My “lunch” was a fountain pop from the corner gas station. I know I said I was giving pop up but I failed that goal yesterday. 😦

I watched the Biggest Loser with my mom and grandparents. It has become a tradition for us to watch the show together. Normally grandpa brings out the ice cream about half way through the show and there we all sit eating ice cream and watching people working their butts off. There have even been times we will have pizza and ice cream. (terrible, I know)

I decided that I was not going to indulge in the ice cream habit this time. I popped up some popcorn and took it over to share. Now I know that popcorn might not be the best snack since it was popped in oil. The victory is in the fact that I only ate one cereal sized bowl of it not the entire large Tupperware “bread” bowl of it. I also said no to the Cherry Chocolate Cordial ice cream they were all enjoying, so I am happy about that.

During the show they had a contestant that was struggling with doing a crab crawl. (check out : During the next commercial break I suggested we all try it. Keep in mind my grandma is 87 and grandpa is 85. I’d better not tell you my mom’s age she might get mad. But hey, I am turning 40 this year so you can figure it out from there. 🙂 Well my gpa got right down on the floor and proceeded to crab crawl, backwards across the living room floor. Well if he could do it so could I! So I got down there and crab crawled too. Mom even tried it , although she was wearing a long bathrobe and that made it difficult. Gma was the only one that wouldn’t try it. 

I started thinking that I should start using the time watching the show to exercise. Mom has an elliptical machine sitting right there that I could use. Next week I will join the contestants by working up a sweat while watching the show.

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