Looking Back – Way Back

When I was in college I was probably the thinnest I have ever been. For some reason though, I think due to my height (6ft) I always felt like the BIG girl. One of my roomies was only 4′ 11″ tall. Standing next to her I felt like a giant for sure. I remember a friend wanting to give me a skirt of hers. It was a size 8. I told her it wouldn’t fit and she made me try it on. It did NOT fit. I was a size 14. She was shocked. She thought for sure I could wear it. I had another friend that asked me to be in her wedding. She was having the dresses made and wanted to know what size pattern to get for my dress. I remember telling her 14 and she had a hard time believing me. I guess I must not have looked heavy or over weight but my clothes were many sizes larger than everybody else and I always felt fat. What I wouldn’t do to be a size 14 again. Isn’t it funny how our perspective can change.

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